The values that lay under our project

Biciclot was born in 1986 among the group of urban cyclists and cyclists. Since then we believed in the use of bicycles as an efficient and sustainable means of transportation. That’s why we can proudly say that we are pioneers in the city as bicycle promoters, thinking not only on cycling as a good way to live in Barcelona but also on working on our own projects to achieve it. Our experience is also a reflection of self-management project which in 1994 resulted in the creation of the Cooperative Biciclot SCCL., where we got specialized in 4 areas: education, recycling, tourism and leisure.

The bike as an educational matter. We approach schools to present the bike as a vehicle both ecological and leisure, a personal commitment to a healthy attitude in the daily habit. Our current commitment for the project rebiciclem connects education with recycling. Rebiciclem is a project in which we put all our experience serving the recovery of old bikes, training new mechanics as well as bike users and the general public. We open the doors to our workshop to invite everyone to learn how to repair a bike with us.

Moreover we believe in quality tourism and we think the bicycle is the ideal way for exploring the city. Our bike tours have been designed to help you enjoying the visit using an agile, fun, safe and environmentally friendly. Thinking on the bike as a leasure vehicle, we also provide services to festivals, “green weeks”,and popular celebrations related to sustainable mobility.

We didn’t walk all our way alone., Amics de la Bici, Món Verd, Tau Traductors, Trèvol Missatgers, Casal Autogestionari, BACC are cooperatives and entities with whom we shared not only our factory but have been a source of Thrust and joint projects. Together we have grown and have done most of the way.